Community first at Big Earl’s Greasy Eats

Photo Credit: Paul Markow

Big Earl’s Greasy Eats is a popular hangout for locals and visitors in Cave Creek, Arizona. “We have grown and grown from just coffee and ice cream to putting in a full kitchen to figuring out who we’re and what we serve,” said Big Earl’s Greasy Eats owner Kim Brennan. “We then added a liquor … Read more

Keeping motorcyclists safe on Arizona roadways

Mick Degn loves riding his motorcycle. “It’s relaxing and I get my mind off of everything else,” Degn said. This is something other motorcyclists feel like when they hit the Arizona roadways, but a passion for riding a motorcycle can also be dangerous. “I knew a couple of folks that had been in motorcycle crashes, … Read more

Cultivating healthy habits at an early age

A new book out is helping young people see that growing their own food is a cool thing to do. Arizona-based natural and functional nutritionist Patti Milligan has created a character named Shirley in her book “Why is Shirley Unusual?” It’s a story showing young people through the eyes of someone their own age that … Read more