Keeping kids feet healthy this summer

When you think of keeping your child healthy making sure they eat right, exercise and get plenty of sleep are top priorities. But did you ever think about making sure their feet are healthy? I talked to OrthoArizona foot and ankle specialist Todd Haddon about why it’s important to check your child’s feet. “It’s always … Read more

The road to becoming a doctor


“It was really a dream come true,” said Amina Danishyar. “I couldn’t believe it.” This is how Danishyar felt when she got accepted to the Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine at Midwestern University in Glendale, Arizona four years ago. “I got to learn about medicine, but also about life and surviving medical school,” Danishyar said. … Read more

Keep your heart healthy with nutritious food

February is American Heart Month and one way to keep your heart healthy is by what you eat. I talked to registered dietitian Jody Pannozzo from My Dietitian and asked her what foods she suggests people pick up the next time they’re at the grocery store. “I always recommend to the general population, whether they’re … Read more