Our Team

Brandy Aguilar

Multimedia Journalist

Brandy Aguilar has been covering health and fitness stories for more than a decade. She loves meeting new people and giving them a voice to bring awareness, hope and inspiration to others in the Arizona community.

Brandy’s stories range from weight loss, sports health and the latest medical breakthroughs. She consistently informs and engages through the pieces she tells and her work has earned local and national recognition.

Nik Berry

Multi-Media Engineer

“I’m a passionate Multi-Media Engineer who seeks out the potential behind every story, giving it a voice and bringing it to life. I’m here to elevate art into the future.”

Kevin Holmes

Web Developer

Kevin is a Computer Information Systems graduate from W.P. Carey School of Business at ASU. He has a passion for designing and developing for the web – coming up with creative strategies geared towards user experience. Kevin joined the Health 2 Fit team, in hopes that his web development skills could facilitate a platform to promote a healthier community.